10 Arrested for Pangolin smuggling racket in Adilabad

Wildlife poachers arrested with live Pangolin

An organised Pangolin Wildlife poaching and smuggling racket was busted by the Telangana Forest officials in the Kawal Tiger Reserve forest of Adilabad.

According to the Adilabad Circle CFO C P Vinod Kumar, on the tip-off, a team headed by DFO Mancherial and Asifabad has investigated the racket and arrested 10 persons in this connection besides seizing a car, mobile phones and a live Pangolin from their possession. The raids were conducted in Bellampally, Kagaznagar and Asifabad divisions. 


The Pangolins are scientifically known as Manis Carssicaudata and have been listed as ‘Critically Endangered Species List as per appendix – 1 of CITES and is listed under Schedule – 1 in Wild Life Protection Act. Hunting and trading of Pangolin is a serious offence and punishable with a minimum punishment of 7 years of rigorous imprisonment and a fine of not less than Rs.5 Lakhs. 

The officials said that these innocent creatures are being hunted by poachers and the middlemen with the superstitious belief that its scales have some medicinal value. “The fact, however, is pangolins do not carry neither any medicinal value nor commercial value but it will transmit dangerous viruses to humans”, the CFO said.

All the accused have been produced in the court and were remanded to judicial custody. The arrested include (A1) Banoth Kumar, Dist: Mancherial R/o Mandamarry (A2) Avunuri Santosh r/o Mandamarri Dist: Mancherial (A3) Kotturi Ashanna R/o Sirpur (U) Dist: KB Asifabad (A4) Dasari Shekar R/o Mandamarri Dist: Mancherial (A5) Vinkare Prakash R/o Lingapur Dist: KB Asifabad (A6) Sye Dawood R/o Jainoor Dist: KB Asifabad (A7) Surmalla Ravinder R/o Itikyala Dist: Mancherial (A8) Gomase Chiranjeevi R/o Sirpur (T) Dist: KB Asifabad (A9) Dole Mallikarjuna R/o Duginepally Dist: Mancherial (A10) Utnoori Pochaiah R/o Lingapur Dist: KB Asifabad.

Adilabad Circle CFO C P Vinod Kumar is seen introducing the team that busted the Pangolin Poaching & Smuggling racket.


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