2016 is no cakewalk for KCR

CM KCR at a Yagashala

Despite blind opposition from political parties, the Chief Minister Chandrasekhar Rao continued to surge ahead both in politics and in administration without an hindrance. Be it in the party or in the government, the events that has unfolded during the last one and half year has proved beyond doubt that this inherent character of KCR coupled with his vision has given a shot in the arm for the successful running of business ever since he took over as the first Chief Minister of this newly formed state on June 2, 2014.

There was a galore of daunting post-bifurcation issues that haunted him in the second half of 2014 since he took over. He could manage to pass out peacefully without attracting much public criticism. But 2015 posed him bigger challenges in the form of completing pending irrigation projects, creating rural infrastructure, balancing urban industrialization, keeping pace with growing technological revolution etc.


First half he had spent in research, revision and recuperation with daunting issues that has long run implications. In current year, he began to roll out schemes such as Mission Kakatiya, Mission Bhagiratha Water Grid to restore water bodies to their past glory and supply of piped drinking water to every household besides reviving major irrigation projects.

He has also launched several socio-economic welfare schemes for the downtrodden. Although welfare schemes are no unique to TRS alone but the way it was redesigned and being implemented from micro level was the focul point that earned the people’s confidence.

Mission Kakatiya and Mission Bhagiratha are the two important schemes that would fetch Telangana in the long run which the erstwhile governments could not do so during their 60 years tenure. It helped boost the image of the government that resulted in winning the recently concluded by-election in Warangal wherein opposition was crushed beyond recognition. Politically speaking it helped even in securing 10 out of 12 MLC seats in the just concluded elections to the local body constituencies.

However, 2016 would not be that rosy for the ruling party as the farmer suicides and fiscal stress are awaiting attention of the government besides BC creamy layer issue may prove costly in the forth coming GHMC elections in the capital. Although TRS succeeded in changing its image from an ‘Udhyama Party’ to a typical ‘Political Party’, People from both sides (AP & TS) have their own doubts in their respective positions, on the integrity of the ruling party when it comes to the commitment of Telangana. Hence, it may not be a cake walk for TRS in 2016. But, taking the character of the party supremo, it may not be much difficult for the party to wade through thick and then in 2016 as well.