3 arrested in advocate couple’s murder, No political links found: IG Nagi Reddy

North Zone IG Nagi Reddy is revealing details of advocate couple murder case in Ramagundem. SP Satyanarayana and others are also seen.


At least 3 people were arrested in connection with the brutal murder of Advocate couple Gattu Vaman Rao and Gattu Nagamani in Manthani.

Revealing the details of the investigation, North Zone Inspector General of Police Nagi Reddy said that the 3 identified as Kunta Srinivas, Shivandula Chiranjeevi and Akkapaka Kumar were taken into custody at Wankhed at Maharashtra border while they were fleeing. He said they were traced using the latest technology in tracing their mobile signals though they have changed their SIMS soon after the murder. The accused after committing the crime drove straight to Sundilla barrage where they changed their clothes and weapons used in crime before fleeing to Maharashtra. However, Kunta Srinivas was in constant touch with Akkapaka Kumar who stayed back in the village and keeping track of police investigations.

IG said Vaman Rao’s driver Satish ran away after Kunta Srinivas stopped their vehicle and broke the windshield before dragging Vaman Rao while he was trying to occupy the driver seat and hacked him to death while Chiranjeevi attacked Nagamani seated in the backseat. Seeing at this, Satish ran away and called Vaman Rao’s father and informed him about the murder who alerted the police and rushed to the spot only to find their son and daughter-in-law in pool of blood. He lodged a complaint with Ramagundem police naming Kunta Srinivas, Veldi Vasantha Rao and Akkapaka Kumar. The IG, however, said the role of Vasantha Rao is yet to be established and took Kumar into custody in advance. Not knowing this, Srinivas continued to be in touch with him over phone and that’s how police could trace him on the Maharashtra border at Whanked, he said.

Nagi Reddy further revealed that there was dispute existed between Kunta Srinivas and Gattu Vaman Rao family for the last five years over construction of a Ramalayam temple in their native Gunjapadugu village as both belonging to the same village. He said they could not find any political angle to the murders during their investigation and personal enmity between Kunta Srinivas and Gattu Vaman Rao is said to be the reason that led to the murders.

The IG also revealed that Kunta Srini has a criminal record as he was earlier associated with dreaded SIKASA organisation. He was remanded in a bus burning case and later surrendered to Police before entering politics. However, one more person Bittu Srinu as revealed by the accused is yet to be traced, the IG said.

He also appealed to those passersby who videographed the murder and those who recorded the version of Gattu Vaman Rao in which he revealed the name of Kunta Srinivas, to hand over the recording to the Ramagundem police so that evidences can be built up and assured to keep their identity secret.

Nagi Reddy also appreciated the 6-member investigating team led by the Inspectors G Mahender Reddy, A Venkateswar, M Rajkumar, and other staff members G Naresh Kumar, T Karunakar Rao and Indrasena Reddy for their swift action in nabbing the culprits within 24-hours of the case.



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