3 from Jharkhand nabbed for cheating currency exchange customers

Reinbazar police with the 3 members of currency cheating gang

The sleuths of Commissioner’s Task Force, South Zone Team, has apprehended 3 persons interstate gang who committed theft of cash by diverting the attention of the victim on the pretext of exchange of US Dollars.


They seized net cash Rs. 2,83,500 and 200 US Dollars worth 3 Lakhs from the accused. The arrested were identified as Anil ul Shaik, Shajhan Shaik, Wahab Sheik all of whom are working as labourers in Hyderabad and they all belong to Udhwa in Jharkhand state.

The modus operandi of the gang is to visit the selected city and stay there at low rented rooms in slum areas. Later, they visit busy business areas and identify the victim in order to exchange foreign currency. As per their plan, they approach the victim and introduce themselves as they are in possession of about 7000-8000 US Dollars amounts to Rs.5,00,000 in Indian currency and they are in need of Rs.4,00,000 amount urgently and bluff the victim as they don’t know anyone in the city.

Subsequently, the accused deliver a 20 US Dollar denomination note to the victim to gain confidence. Once they get convinced and get ready themselves to arrange the Indian currency, the accused divert the victim’s attention and hands over a Foreign currency bundle containing two or three US Dollars notes on the top and inside will be filled with news Paper Cuttings enclosed with soap inside the bundle.

The South Zone Task Force police along with Reinbazar Police executed the plan under the supervision of SHO Raghavendra, SIs Srisailam, Mohd Thakiuddin, V Narender, and K Chandramohan.