300 migrant labour found on the streets awaiting food


Minister Talasani Srinivas Yadav and Mayor Dr Bonthu Rammohan experienced a rare site of people gathering in large numbers on the roadside waiting for prospective food donors.

Shocked at the incident, the duo stopped by and when inquired they found them to be migrant labourers from different states awaiting food from the donors. They immediately instructed the GHMC officials to shift them to temporary shelter homes.

There were about 50 persons at Paradise, 200 persons at Secunderabad Railway Station and 50 persons at Adikmet. All of them have been shifted to nearby Multipurpose function hall, Bansilalpet by buses where they were provided with breakfast, lunch and dinner. The minister said that they would be taken care of by the government until the lockdown is over.

Mayor said as per instruction of Chief Minister Chandra Shekar Rao GHMC is providing food to about 2 lakhs people every day in shelter homes and food through Annapurna Canteen meals with the help of donors.