347 grams gold concealed in a transistor seized in Jaipur airport

The gold sealed in a metal tube found from a pasenger arrived from Dubai at Jaipur airport

Customs Team at Jaipur International Airport intercepted one passenger in the night who arrived from Ras AL Khaima, UAE by Spice Jet flight no.SG 144 to Jaipur and seized 347 gms gold valued approx 16 lakh cleverly concealed in a transistor.


He was carrying a radio in his trolley bag. Two solid white metal rods covered with blue coloured adhesive tape were found placed in the body of the radio fixed with the help of quick-fix. On removing blue tape white metal rods of 2-inch length each having 1 cm diameter have been found. One solid rod when cut with the help of an electric cutter reflecting yellow metal-reinforced inside a steel cylinder,

The passenger has been arrested and investigation is on.



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