Agri bills are against the federal spirit of the nation: Mallikarjun Kharge

CWC Member and MP Mallikarjun Kharge flanked by TPCC leader Jana Reddy and V Hanumanth Rao is addressing media at Indira Bhavan today - P Anil Kumar

The CWC member of All India Congress Committee (AICC) and Rajya Sabha MP Mallikarjun Kharge opined that corporates in the country will rule the roost due to the 3 agricultural bills approved by the Parliament forcibly.


Addressing media during his visit to the city at Indira Bhavan today, Kharge accused the centre of behaving in a stubborn manner in adopting the bills despite 18 political parties opposing it. This would not just cause a loss to the farming community but pave way for Corporates to dictate terms to farmers. A farmer has to sell his product at a rate as prescribed by the corporates.

He questioned as to how the farmers would get their price once the existing market yards close down. “These bills are against the federal spirit of the nation. Unfortunately, the ruling BJP is refused to recognise the facts”, he said.

He further pointed out that a similar experiment was made in Bihar in 2006 but it failed in yielding desired results. It was less than one per cent of procurement of wheat was made. The entire production was less than 7 per cent. “When the experiment was failed in Bihar, how can they think it would succeed in rest of the country”, he said.

He further charged that these bills are also an attempt to encroach the rights of the states which may pose a great threat to the federal system of the country. He wanted his party men to take the ill-effects of the bills to the grassroots level.



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