Ailing Female Panther Dies In Zoo


The ailing female Panther Deepa died last night due to bronchitis in the Nehru Zoological Park here. The animal was on off feed which made her so weak that it couldn’t even walk. A couple of days back she had undergone lateral recumbency and was treated intensively with IV fluids and supportive therapy.

Nine member doctors team head by Director of VBRI Dr MA Muqueeth performed the postmortem today. The postmortem shows congestion of lungs with lesions of small nodules in the structure scattered throughout the surface of lobes. The liver was enlarged and congested with the presence of multiple cyst, stomach and intestine congestion. The right kidney was full of puss material, left kidney shows renal calculate, retention of the bladder was observed. It was concluded that the death was due to senility.

All the samples were collected and sent to VBRI, Shantinagar, Hyderabad, for detailed investigation. A panther in wild generally lives up to 12 – 15 years and in captivity around 18 years. This panther was very old and was mostly suffering from age-old complications and senility. pray for its soul to rest in peace.