Ailing Vara Vara Rao’s wife moves SC seeking bail under medical grounds

Revolutionary Poet Vara Vara Rao - File Photo

The wife of revolutionary poet Vara Vara Rao has moved to the Supreme Court seeking to set free her jailed husband or at least grant a temporary bail on medical grounds.


Pendyala Hemalatha, in her writ petition, filed through an advocate Sunil Fernandes claimed that inhuman treatment is being given to her husband violating Article 21 of the Constitution violating his dignity in custody by the state of Maharasthra and NIA.

Quoting a medical report as submitted to the Maharashtra High Court by the Nanavati hospital earlier, Hemalatha claimed that her husband Dr Vara Vara Rao is suffering from severe neurological disorders after he fell down in St. George Hospital where he was admitted earlier for Covid19 which she quoted the medical report as saying.

She further brought to the notice of the court about a letter written by him on August 31, 2020, in which his wife Hemalath was dead and her body was at a morgue. Sadly the letter was addressed to his wife Hemalatha only. “This clearly shows his mental condition and needs urgent medical attention”, she said claiming that her husband had no neurological problems at the time of his arrest on August 28, 2018, and “It is highly likely that Covid19 or may be due to falling in St George Hospital as reported by Nanavati Hospital might have led to his present disorder. Hence, its a fit case for immediate bail for medical treatment”, she claimed.