All issues will be discussed at length during the assembly session: KCR


Chief Minister Chandrashekhar Rao said that the government is ready to discuss and debate threadbare all the issues pertaining to people and those proposed by the political parties in the forthcoming Legislative sessions.

The CM was holding a preparatory meeting with his cabinet colleagues in Pragati Bhavan today to prepare a strategy to be adopted in the forthcoming assembly session beginning September 7. He also instructed them to get prepared to place all the facts in the House.


It was decided to debate corona pandemic, medical treatment, medical services extended, crop loss due to heavy rains-measures to be taken, fire accident that took place at Srisailam Hydel Project, achievements made in the power sector, New Revenue Act, illegal construction of projects by AP State government under the name of Rayalaseema Lift Irrigation Scheme, Irrigation sector issues, injustices being meted out to the State while implementing the GST, the financial and economic losses due to the financial policies of the Central government, the Centre’s lukewarm response to the resolutions made by the State on the reservations, Agriculture Sector and the Regulatory Cultivation method, organisation of PV Narasimha Rao Centenary Celebrations and others in the forthcoming sessions and propose these matters in the Business Advisory Committee (BAC) meeting. The CM said rich tributes would be paid to Dubbaka MLA Ramalinga Reddy on the first day of the Session who died recently.

The CM has instructed all the ministers to get them equipped with all the information on the issues that would come up for discussions during the Sessions. The members should analyse how the programmes and Acts implemented by the government are performing at the field level. The members should be able to point out if there were any lacuna. The government will answer each and every query raised by the members. The ruling party members also should mention about each and every issue of the people,” the CM exhorted.

“Legislative Session will not mean disturbances, heaping of abuses, curses, unruly behaviour or utter pandemonium. It should not be a place to level accusations against one another or give vent to one’s impatience. There should be a change in this attitude and the changes should qualitative in nature. There should be healthy debates, which should be inspiring and enlightening. The debates and discussion should analyse the implementation of Budget and Acts. The discussions should be high in quality and should be based on facts. The members should speak in such a way that it should be of some help to people. Through discussions in the Legislature, the democracy should be strengthened on one side and pro-people decisions would be taken on the other. This is how the Telangana legislature sessions should be held. Any member from any party on any subject can speak on the floor of the Houses. The government is ever ready to answer any question or give clarification and implement the suggestions, which are practical. The member’s views should reflect the facts. They should reflect the ground realities,” the CM observed.


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