Amaravathi farmers up in arms against ‘Capital Shifting’


The farmers in Amaravathi are up in arms against the YSRCP government for what they called ‘planning to ditch them’ by resorting to shifting the State capital Amaravathi to another location.

According to them, over 23 thousand farmers have given 33000 acres of their fertile agriculture lands to the erstwhile Telugu Desam government to enable it to build the state capital Amaravathi. However, they are now fuming at the Jagan government ever since the Minister Botsa Satyanarayana declared that internal debate is on within the government over the future prospects of the present capital Amaravathi considering the strictures passed by Sivarama Krishna Committee earlier.

“This has given impetus to the rumours about the impending shift of the present capital from Amaravathi. If that happens, what about our future?. We have given our fertile lands for building capital at throwaway prices”, quipped one of the farmers who doesn’t want to name him. 

It is also learnt that farmers have now come together to launch an agitation in case the government moves forward on this and said they are in touch with several opposition party leaders who are ready to back them in this regard. “We will build a massive public movement if the government decides on shifting the capital”, they said.