Amit Shah promises to make Hyderabad an International IT Hub

Amit shah is seen addressing media conference at BJP headquarters in Hyderabad. MP Aravind is also seen.

Union Home Minister Amit Shah expressed confidence that the BJP candidate will become the Mayor of Hyderabad city.


Addressing the media here today after participating in roadshows and public meetings, Amita Shah said that if the chance is given, BJP will make Hyderabad an International Hub for the Information Technology. He clarified that in order to make Hyderabad an International IT Hub, developing infrastructure is the hallmark which is completely in the hands of GHMC. BJP, if voted to power can bring in additional grants from the centre to make the promises come true.

As on date, MIM and TRS alliance has become a major hurdle for the city to become an Internation IT hub, he said adding that because of the appeasement policy of the ruling party, MIM has not allowed clearing the illegal constructions sprouted across the nalas in the city resulting in flooding of the city. It BJP comes to power, “I promise that we would clear all those illegal structures that have come in the way of smooth flow of drain waters in the city”, said Shah.

Referring to the MIM-TRS friendship, Amit Shah said that in democracy anybody can make friendship with anyone. BJP is not going to lose anything from your friendship. He questioned, why do you have a secrete alliance. He dared question both MIM and TRS to openly declare their friendship and reiterated that only because of Sardar Vallabhai Patel, the Hyderabad Samsthan was merged into the Indian Union. He appealed to the denizens to vote for BJP this time to enable it to make it an International IT Hub.

Reacting to a question on repeated claims of KCR that Centre had not given a single pai, Amita Shah revealed the statistics saying over Rs 5000 Crore approximately has been given so far to the Hyderabad city in two instalments including Rs 224.50 crore on November 3. He sarcastically stated that KCR doesn’t know all these figures because he never went to Secretariat.

To another query on the Asaduddin’s allegation about the inaction of the Centre to arrest Rohingyas if they are staying illegally in Hyderabad, Amit Shah retorted saying that when we raised this issue in parliament Asaduddin had made a hue and cry on this. How do we do. “Ask him to give it in writing. Then you will see What I will do?, he said.