Amitabh – An Epitome of Humility


It’s happy to learn that the legendary cine actor Amitabh Bachan was chosen for the coveted Dada Saheb Phalke Award. The awards and rewards are a mere token of gesture to acknowledge a person’s contribution. But there is a lot to learn from a person who achieved it. And especially from the life of Amitabh who rose from scratch to the stardom. Here are a few phases of his life that may inspire many.


1. When he was not selected by a leading company in Kolkata, for a job, he preferred to search his luck in the Cine field.

2. He met big producers for a role in a movie, as a supporting actor also, instead of small producers for small or petty roles.

3. Then Superstar Rajesh Kanna’s movie gave him a good role in Anand cinema. Amitabh got Filmfare award as Best Supporting actor. It turned his life.

4. He created his own style of hairdressing with a special craft which gave him a special look and people followed it.

5. He encouraged Salim Javed duo after the Zanjeer to create angry Young man roles for him. His decision paid rich dividends. Sholay, Naseeb, Shakti, Mukhaddar Ka Sikander and another 7 hit movies came in a row. 

6. Amitabh preferred multi starer movies with all other heroes in the Hindi field starting with Sholay, Amar Akbar Antony, besides 15 other movies. He turned out to be Akshyapatra for producers. 

7. He accepted good leading roles even without a duet for him in Sholay, Zanjeer, Satte pe Satta etc. Story and action were given importance for these roles in selecting these movies.

8. With Andha Kanoon, his image and market got a boost in Tamilnadu where anti-Hindi agitation took place as he played a guest role with Tamil Super Star Rajanikanth.

9. He was badly ruined with the flops of Surya Vansh and Ganga Jamuna Saraswathi. Hence, stopped producing movies as a producer.

10. He accepted Kaun Banega Crorepati with Rs 10 lakh as his remuneration for a 100 episodes initially in order to clear his Juhu Beach House Mortgaged with Canara Bank. But it has crossed 300 episodes later and was out of his financial mess.

11. He never claimed the success of any movie and always attributed the success to his fellow artists, directors and technicians.

12. He is an epitome of humility with many other unparallel qualities.

13. And finally, his beard brought him a grace on his face and overall he is an ICONIC figure in Indian cinema.