Anti-Hindu Pledge Row: Bandi Sanjay convoy attacked in Suryapet

BJP Telangana State President Bandi Sanjay Kumar - File Photo

State president of the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) Bandi Sanjay’s convoy was reportedly attacked by some unidentified persons believed to be the members of SWAROES with sticks and iron roads. However, he escaped unhurt. The Suryapet District president Bhagya Reddy’s car was damaged in the melee.


The incident occurred while he was returning to Hyderabad after meeting the party workers and leaders who were released from jail today in connection with the Gurrampodu thanda rampage case. Party leaders alleged that the attackers were none but the followers of the SWAROES chief Dr RS Praveen Kumar.

Several party leaders condemned the attack on Bandi Sanjay alleging that the state government especially the Suryapet police have failed to give protection to the BJP chief who is also a sitting MP. They demanded immediate action against Praveen Kumar for instigating his henchmen to attack Bandi Sanjay physically. They alleged that the rods-wielding mob created panic by playing havoc after stopping the convoy. However, the party workers protected Bandi Sanjay and sent him back to Hyderabad safely.

They questioned as to how KCR could permit an officer to run his private army to create terror among those who question him and his anti-Hindu activities.

Those who condemned the attack include SC Morcha President Koppu Basha, official spokesperson Palvai Rajani Kumari, SC Morcha National Secretary S Kumar, Former Minister and Vice President Dr Vijaya Rama Rao etc.