Anti-Telangana forces back to their old tricks?


It seems that anti-Telangana forces after a brief silence since separation are back to their old dirty tricks. Rumours are agog about the expected formation of a political party in Telangana by Rayalaseema landed gentries in the guise of fan following of late Dr YSR who opposed the formation of Telangana tooth and nail till his death.


The meeting is to be held in his son’s residence at Lotus Pond in the city and under the stewardship of his daughter, Sharmila and her evangelist husband Brother Anil apparently sending wrong signals to the Telangana society as most of the attendees are from neighbouring Nalgonda, Mahabubnagar and Ranga Reddy districts all of whom are said to be the landed gentries and belong to one particular dominant community from both Telangana and Rayalaseema. Of course, there are few other retired and dissident leaders along with new faces from other parties from Andhra area are as well attending.

It is said that AP CM Jagan’s released Arrow, Sharmila as popularly known, is confiding with the die-hard fans of her late father from both in AP and Telangana areas to decide her political future. And for this, making Hyderabad a platform is something to be seen more than what meets the eye.

Political observers perceive this in two different angles as a well-hatched plan of brother and sister duo of AP to divert the attention of its public from the issues the YSRCP party is deeply surrounded in their native state. In another angle, they say it may be a strategy of KCR to utilise the developments to his best advantage by whipping up native passions again to score over his political rivals Congress and BJP in the next elections to come in Telangana.

Let us analyse from above two angles separately. If at all Sharmila decides to float a political outfit, there are questions to be answered as to whether her outfit would confine to Telangana or Andhra. If her target is Andhra, she could have as well held this meeting in her native Pulivendula or in Vijayawada. Then the question is why so many faded leaders from Telangana districts bordering Andhra have attended. If they are all real fans of Dr YSR what do they do in an Andhra Political party to be launched by his daughter?

It is also presumed that Sharmila would launch her new party with padayatra from Chevella constituency. This clarifies further her intention to destablise Telagnana political atmosphere. The recent Akhila Priya and Bhargava Ram episode in Hyderabad in which a Rayalaseema leader resorted to kidnap and subsequently was arrested has made several landed gentry woke up to the changed ground reality after formation of Telangana and they perceive the incident as mark of their dwindling clout in Hyderabad.

It is reliably learnt that ever since, several real estate leaders mostly from Rayalaseema have been brooding over to put a check to this resistance from KCR government and they finally found launching of a political party in Telangana is the only way to regain their lost ground and they found the best bet in Sharmila as most of these real coterie belongs to the dominant community from Rayalaseema. Indeed an old strategy which was played by them merging erstwhile Hyderabad State into the united Andhra Pradesh way back in 1956 in collusion with the Telangana dominant landed gentry.

If we look at from the 2nd angle, the Rayalaseema coterie also found that KCR can be followed their way only by checkmating him politically as this would also benefit him in a way to score over his political opponents especially Congress in the forthcoming elections and by neutralising BJP as well for fear of losing Andhra votes in both AP and Telangana.

But will it work to destabilise Telangana by Rayalaseema real kingpins?