AP assembly clears Council abolition bill


The controversial bill pertaining to the abolition of Andhra Pradesh Legislative Council has been cleared by the state Assembly today.

The speaker Tammineni Seetharam after a daylong debate declared that the bill has been passed. Earlier, the bill was put to vote which received the highest numbers in its favour from the ruling party members while resting of them were by the opposition parties.

Speaking on the occasion on the floor of the house, Chief Minister rebutted the arguments that the state has no authority to abolish the council. He said: “If that is so why would the states were vested with the power to abolish it. According to article 164 (2) of the Indian Constitution, the council was made answerable to the state assemblies. Having council is only an optional which constitution guaranteed the states to dump it if not necessary”, he said.

He also said that when the assembly already has 3 PhDs, 38 postgraduates, 13 doctors, 14 engineers, 68 graduates, 3 retired civil services officers, 2 retired group-1 officers, a journalist, a professor, 2 lecturers and farmers, there is no requirement of the council as it is being utilised for opposition parties for political gains.