AP CM to embark on much-awaited Rachabanda program soon


Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister to embark on his much-awaited popular ‘Rachhabanda’ programme soon once the Covid situation gets normalised.

Announcing this during a video conference with the District Collectors here today, YS Jagan made it clear that everyone without having shelter should get the housing facility. “I do not want to see anyone is left without allocating any house for want of proper reason”, he declared and instructed the Collectors to ensure that no one should be left in any village.

He further instructed the Collectors to take a review frequently on how to bring down their burden during their weekly Spandana Programme. “The government will get the maximum load only from 3 areas including Pensions, Ration Cards and House sites. If we are able to address these issues within the deadline, you will not have much load”, he declared.

Referring to the Covid tests being carried out in the state, he declared that his government never played down either on the Corona deaths or on the number of covid positive cases. “It is not my government police. We will treat as many positive cases as it comes”, he said adding “We don’t hide the fact. We have the capacity to treat them all”.


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