AP Governor clears 3 capital bill, parties divide over the move


In what can be called as an expected political development, the Governor of Andhra Pradesh has given green signal to the state government to go ahead with its 3 capital proposal.


The Governor Vishwa Bhushan Harichandan gave his nod to the pending AP Decentralisation Bill and the Abolition of Capital Regional Development Authority (CRDA) Bill today. The Governor’s action received a mixed reaction with opposition BJP welcoming the move, the Congress and Telugu Desam Parties have opposed Governor’s decision.

However, mixed reactions received from different political parties on the Governor’s decision of approving 3 capital bill. Here are the opinions of key political parties in Andhra Pradesh:

Former Chief Minister Chandra Babu Naidu: “One day people will realise this move is a mistake and that my decision was right. I can’t resist my tears rolling down as the project like Amravathi is being killed by the state government. Why they (YSRCP) agreed to it then and why kill it now. I have not designed Amaravathi for my enjoyment. If my health permits, I might live for another 10 years. I have already served as 3-time Chief Minister. What else I want”.

YSRCP Minister Avanthi Srinivas: Governor’s decision is historical as it vindicates our CM’s policy of decentralisation of administration. We are hopeful that north Andhra would prosper with this decision now.

BJP chief Somu Veerraju: Politicising Governor’s decision is not good. Our stand is very clear. The capital issue is a state subject. But we are always for Amaravathi only and we want justice to be done to the farmers there.

Janasena chief Pawan Kalyan: The Governor’s decision will have an adverse impact on the farmers of Amaravathi as the previous government procured more than 33,000 acres as against our advice of 3000 acres. Now the priority is to save these farmers.

Congress Working President Tulasi Reddy: It’s a dark day in history. It’s not that easy as said by Governor. The story is not over here. The government will meet the same fate as in the case of Nimmagadda Ramesh Kumar. Three capital bill is against the AP Reorganisation Bill and it will not stand in the court of law.

CPI Secretary Narayana: Governor’s decision is unethical as he failed to take the aspirations of those 27000 farmers who have given their lands to the capital into consideration. YSRCP also played with the emotions of people as it never sought mandate on the basis of 3 capital plank. The first culprit in this is CM, second BJP party third is Governor.