AP man draws a novel portrait of KCR as a birthday gift

CM KCR's green portrait by an AP man in Kadiam in East Godavari district.

A Nursery plant owner from Kadiam in East Godavari district Palla Venkanna has found a novel way to exhibit his love for the Telangana Chief Minister Chandrasekhar Rao by drawing his picture through plant-Carving to commemorate his birthday on February 17.


Venkanna along with other local residents Palla Sattibabu, Palla Subramanyam, and Palla Ganapathi made a creative portrait of CM KCR using various coloured flowers and flower plants and conveyed their birthday wishes to the CM.

They said taking inspiration from the CM’s Haritha Haram programme aimed at turning the Telangana State green and clean, they have conveyed their greetings in an innovative way.

The green-portrait is receiving accolades, especially from the netizens on social media for the way non-Telangana people has chosen to greet the CM with such affection and creativity.



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