AP publishes Gazette Notification on 3 Capitals


No sooner Governor approved the 3 capital bill, Andhra Pradesh government has issued a Gazette notification immediately. With this, the bill has come into force with immediate effect.

The Gazette was signed by the Secretary Legal department Gonthu Manohar Reddy, which specified that the bill had come into force throughout the state with immediate effect. According to the bill, Legislative capital will be in Amaravathi, Executive Capital will be in Visakhapatnam and Judicial Capital will be at Kurnool. However, the government will set up a High Court bench wherever of its choice.

Further, Amaravathi Metropolitan Region Development Area will be called as Legislative Capital, Visakhapatnam Metropolitan Region Development Area will be called as Executive Capital while Kurnool Urban Development Area will be known as Judicial Capital. However, all 3 regions will be set up under the Andhra Pradesh Metropolitan Region, Urban Development Authority Act – 2016.


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