Are there any Hindus left in the Gilgit and Baltistan area of POK?

Rock carvings of Budha in Gilgit and Baltistan indicating the existence of Hinduism centuries ago.

VIEWPOINT by Ghazanfar Ali Gama, from Gilgit-Baltistan

My name is Ghazanfar and I am a native of Gilgit city. Our elders tell us stories about Hindus who lived in Gilgit city before the partition. My grandfather had a job at the Govt. Hospital. My grandfather’s colleague was a female Hindu doctor. But when Gilgit-Baltistan got independence from Hari Singh and the Governor of Gilgit Agency named Ghansara Singh was arrested, the Hindu people left their homeland and migrated from Gilgit. None of us has ever heard from them after that. But the remaining statues and carvings are being restored by Government of Gilgit.

These are statues and carvings by ancient people of Gilgit. He is known in Hinduism as Bhagwan Budh or Buddha the founder of Buddhism. Buddhism was founded in Nepal by Siddarth Gautam, who became enlightened as Gautam Buddha. Buddhism does not emphasize idol worship and allow you to choose your path. It does not emphasize the existence of a supernatural being as a god.

If someone knows any Gilgity Hindu living anywhere please acknowledge me I will be happy to hear about them. Now there is not a single Hindu living anywhere in Gilgit Baltistan. If you have any question just comment and I will surely answer.

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