Artificial Intelligence comes handy for cops in Medaram


Artificial Intelligence technology used by the Telangana State Police for the first time in India was successfully executed, in the prevention of any untoward, undesirable incidents at the Medaram Jatara, where approximately one and a half crore devotees, visited the event place.

As every devotee who visits the Gadde the holy place of Goddess’ Sammakka and Saralamma, duly submits their offerings namely Mokkulu, this point of maintenance been the biggest challenge for the forces deployed at the event place.

As the Chief Minister has passed the order to conduct this event of pride without any minor incident to report. On this Director General of Police M Mahendar Reddy has decided to use the advanced technology during the Jatara, at the optimal level. With this, the Police Chief has instructed the officials of IT wing and the other senior officers to look into the technology used during the Prayog Raj Kumbha Mela, which was stated to be the world highest number of devotee visited, and the steps taken by the local administrative units while allowing the pilgrimages during the holy bath in the river Ganga.

Following this, the IT official has been involved in the study of Artificial Intelligence Technology, for the last six months. And the same fundamental technology has been applied for the Medaram Jatara also.

In Prayograj Kumbha mela, Urban and the above middle-class groups of the population holds the major proportion of the devotees. Whereas in Medaram, the majority devotees i.e., 90% will be from tribal folks, village living.  

In the present context, the experts have applied the past, local crowd management related experiences to the current technology used at the PrayograjKumbhamela.14 High definition cameras of Artificial Intelligence have been installed, to estimate the crowd by monitoring the inflow of devotees covering, the route which leads to Gaddelu from Jampanna Wagu/Jampanna Canal, RTC bus stand, Orattam.

All these cameras are connected to the command and control centre set up made exclusively at the Police Camp, Medaram Jatara.  From where, with the help of Artificial Intelligence technology, based on the inflow of the devotees, the crowd density will be estimated and the instructions will be given then and there to the point officers deployed at the Jatara.

This Artificial Intelligence alarms the officers, as and then the devotees in a square metre area exceeds above 3.6 devotees. With the help of this technology, the state police have succeeded in maintaining the order in a peaceful environment, preventing the stampede like undesirable incidents.  

Not just with crowd and queues monitored, the Traffic leading to Medaram Jatara was also effectively regulated with no single instance of congestion.  1) By allotting route-specific parking lots, where not a single vehicle was allowed to park on the roads, 2) Separating the entry and exit points avoiding the collision, 3) Shop keepers and vendors have given with definite place for setting up and by working in collaboration with the other wings of administration towards making the event a great success.

The Police Chief, Director General of Police has also visited twice to the event place to review the measures on an unprecedented scale. On the whole, the Telangana state police has successfully executed the technology of artificial intelligence in effective crowd management at the Telangana Kumbh the Medaram Jatara, with no incidents reported and the officials have stated that this type of technologies will be kept in use  at upcoming festivals of huge crowd prone like of Ganesh immersion, Bonalu, etc., 


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