Assembly to decide the fate of Council on Monday


As expected the Andhra Pradesh government has moved its pawns towards the abolition of its Legislative Council after its 2 bills were sent to the Select Committee.

The CM has announced in the floor of the assembly to this effect saying that the house may be convened again on Monday to discuss whether the Legislative Council is really needed in the state owing to the huge economic burden on the state exchequer.

“We are spending at least Rs 60 crore per annum aggregating to Rs 300 crore for every 5 years on the maintenance of Legislative Council expecting that it would help advise in the governance. But contrary to our expectations, the council is being utilised by the opposition parties to counter the government’s move to gain political mileage. This is uncalled for and it really raises a question as to do we really need the Legislative Council set up?”, he questioned and urged the Speaker Thammineni Seetharam to convene the assembly again on Monday to discuss on this key issue and take a decision accordingly.

The Speaker in turn on the request of the Chief Minister postponed the assembly to Monday, January 27.

However, the experts say that abolition is not that easy task as the assembly decision had to be approved by both Lok Sabha and Rajyasabha. Though there may not be a constitutional crisis, it may lead to other headaches for the government and the bill had already been sent to the select committee which may in vogue until the Council is abolished constitutionally by the President of India. Until then, there is a possibility of 3 capital Bill and the CRDA abolition bill may likely to get delayed.