Balapur Laddu surpasses all records, fetches 15.6 Lakh


The famous Balapur Ganesh laddu was sold at a whopping Rs 15.6 lakh this year. In an open auction held here today on the last day of the Ganesh festival, the laddu fetched the organisers so much surpassing all its earlier records. Unlike in the past, the non-local Tirupathi Reddy has owned up the laddu this time. He hails from Miyapur who had come exclusively for this purpose.

The auction of Balapur Laddu has been started in 1994 and has since become a ritual during the 11-day-long Ganpati festival in Hyderabad. The first laddu was auctioned 23 years ago that fetched only Rs 450, while last year, it was auctioned for Rs 14.65 lakh.

Over the years, the cost of auctioning of laddus has only gone up as devotees coming from across AP and Telangana to participate in the bidding, which they call “Bangaru (gold) Laddu”. They feel purchasing it brings good luck, health and wealth.