Ban all international flights: Etela Rajender


Telangana State government has urged the Union government to ban all the incoming international flights into the country in view of the growing number of positive cases in the country.

The Minister for Medical and Health Etela Rajendar was speaking to this effect with Union Health Minister Dr Harsha Vardhan this morning. He wanted him to prevail upon the Centre to ban all inbound flight traffic into the country since the deadly virus is being transmitted only through the international travellers and advised not to bring back any Indians struck outside India as they are turning virus-carriers.

He said every positive case in Telangana right from the first case to the 8th case today all have been with travel history abroad and they carried the virus here. Hence, if the government still wants to bring them back, they can do so by using special flights and release them into open only after they were quarantined.

He further declared during a media meet that the state has made elaborate arrangements to provide the facilities to treat up to 1000 Covid-19 cases at a time besides providing quarantine facilities up to 5000 symptomatic cases and up to 2000 asymptomatic cases.