Bandi demands apology from KCR for cheating Kurma community

BJP State Chief Bandi Sanjay - File Photo

Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) State President Bandi Sanjay demanded an apology from the Chief Minister Chandrasekhar Rao for what he said deceiving Yadav community as KCR failed to distribute sheeps to them since 3 years.


Reacting to an appeal made by a delegation of the Golla Kurma community who called on him today to request him to raise their issues, Bandi Sanjay said KCR had cheated the Yadav community by collecting a sum of Rs.32,500 each from at least 3.5 lakh Yadavs in the state and did not provide them with sheeps as promised since 3 years.

He sought an apology from the Chief Minister KCR and demanded to return the amounts to the victims along with the interest accrued thereof. Otherwise, he threatened to launch an agitation to this effect.



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