Bandi Sanjay pays tributes to Tanu Naik

BJP state president Bandi Sanjay is seen paying tributes to the tribal leader Jatothu Tanu Naik on his death anniversary today at party office.

President of the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) Bandi Sanjay Kumar accused the CM KCR of creating problems for the Scheduled Tribes on normal days and shedding crocodile tears during elections.


Speaking after paying tributes to the late tribal leader Tanu Naik on the occasion of his death anniversary, Bandi Sanjay charged that the KCR will recollect tribal issues only during elections.

“Instead of resolving Podu cultivable lands issue, the government is evacuating them from the lands which they are tilling for several years”, he charged adding that their fight has begun after the Tanu Naik, the first tribal leader whose entire family sacrificed themselves fighting against Razakar’s and landlords. “The fight is still going on”, he said and declared that it is shameful for all of us to continue the fight even after the formation of Telangana under KCR’s rule.

Praising the sacrifices of Jatothu Tanu Naik during the Telangana armed struggle movement, Bandi Sanjay said Telangana would never forget the sacrifices of Naik and his family and BJP would live up to his aspirations.

The others who participated in the programme include BJP State General Secretary Bangaru Shruthi, and BJP ST Morcha State President Hussain Naik.