BJP chief calls upon farmers not to follow KCR’s new Regulatory Farming


President of Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) Telangana unit Bandi Sanjay Kumar declared that his party would oppose KCR’s so-called new Agriculture Regulatory Farming Policy as it turned out to be a Forcible Farming Policy.


Announcing this here at an online media meet held here today, Bandi Sanjay accused the Chief Minister Chandrasekhar Rao of devising a new methodology to loot people in the name of Regulatory Farming as in the case of Irrigation projects. He questioned KCR whether he had conducted any soil testing anywhere in the state for which centre had given 125 crores to the state government 4 years ago. “Nobody knows where the money had gone. Now he started a new drama in the name of Regulatory Farming without conducting any scientific testings in the soils”.

He called upon farmers not to follow what KCR says as for new farming policy is concerned. “Otherwise you may end up in losses”, he said. Today farmers are questioning as to how the government decides what crop would grow in their soil without conducting any soil tests.

Replaying audio recorded bit of CM KCR purportedly said on April 13, 2017, Sanjay said KCR had claimed that he had created history by giving Rythu Bandhu scheme which is not correct. He also questioned the CM’s claim of Telangana securing Number one in paddy procurement with 66 lakh metric tons is absolutely wrong as Punjab stands top in the country with 108 lakh metric tons.

Today, farmers are demanding guarantee to their crops being suggested by the government in many places. “We are not against Regulatory Farming but we are opposing it as it became the forcible farming”, he said and demanded to supply seeds and fertilizers to farmers at free of cost besides announcing the MSP to the crops in advance if he wants to implement his new farming policy.

“I do not understand how this new farming is feasible for the farmers as it attracts high investment and low output”, he said demanding that KCR should clarify on this as to how One lakh profit per acre is possible when the entire cost is working out 60,000 per acre inclusive of investment. “Will one acre becomes two acres in his new agri policy”, he questioned.