BJP knows only Jumla and Hamla: KTR

KTR aiming at a bull's eye during a roadshow on the last day of GHMC campaign today at Secunderabad

TRS Working President KT Rama Rao in a bid to retort Union Home Minister Amit Shah’s criticism today said that “BJP knows only two things, first is Jumla and second is Hamla”.


Addressing roadshows in Goshamahal, Sanath Nagar, and Secunderabad constituencies on the concluding day of the election campaign today, KTR came down heavily on the Union Home Minister Amit Shah said: “Tell me what NDA did to Hyderabad in the last six years? Who brought the prestigious Apple, Amazon, and other major IT companies to Hyderabad?”

KTR further alleged that “IT is the BJP government that cancelled the ITIR project sanctioned by the UPA government for Hyderabad and acted against the hopes of youth in Telangana.”

“Amit Shah is saying ours is Nizam culture. Mahatma Gandhi who is from your own Gujarat in 1920 said Hyderabad culture is Ganga-Jamuna Tehzeeb and people coexist here peacefully and the city stands as an example to India,” said KTR.

Responding to Amit Shah’s statement on no communal riots in the county, KTR stated that communal clashes took place in Delhi during Donald Trump’s visit to India right under the centre’s police Jurisdiction. The news was published in the New York Times, Washington Post, damaging the brand of Delhi.

KTR also said while two insane leaders are talking about destruction, the TRS leaders are talking about constructing new roads, new drainages, etc.

Responding to Bandi Sanjay’s promise of giving a car for car, bike for a bike for flood victims, KTR said, “I want to ask him whether he was an insurance agent or a party President.”

KTR stated that the Gandipet reservoir was built in 1920 from where the drinking water is being supplied to Hyderabad. No leader thought about the increasing population in Hyderabad and its expansion. Only KCR thought about it and decided to build a Keshavpuram reservoir which will ensure drinking water is provided for years in Hyderabad. “CM KCR is a leader with a future vision,” said KTR.

KTR highlighted the development activities the TRS government has taken up in the state since it came to power six years ago. He highlighted Kalyana Lakshmi, KCR Kit, Annapurna Canteen, Basthi Dawakhana, Ambedkar Overseas scholarships, Jyothirao Phule scholarship, which were a few amongst the list.

“We were with the people during the crisis and we will be with people in the future. We will resume giving the Rs 10000 financial assistance from December 7th onwards,” said KTR.

Commenting on the visit of UP CM Yogi Adityanath to Hyderabad, KTR took the reference to the Hathras case and said that it happened under Yogi’s government in UP. “You know right what will happen in Telangana when crimes happen on women?” he said.

Hyderabad has been peaceful for the past six years. There has not been a single incidence of communal tension. “Today, they only want to divide people in the name of religion. I urge you all not to support such parties,” said KTR.

Strongly reacting to Bandi Sanjay’s words of doing a surgical strike in Old City of Hyderabad, TRS Working President said, “Do surgical strikes on poverty, corruption and on those who commit crimes on women, not on Hyderabad.” Today, for a few votes and seats they are spoiling the peace and harmony of Hyderabad, he added.

KTR stated that the BJP Government is on a selling spree. “They are selling Air India, Life Insurance Corporation of India (LIC), and are also privatizing the prestigious Indian Railways among others. The BJP government is selling PSUs one after the other. They will sell GHMC also one day if given a chance,” he said.

Some say we are soft on AIMIM. Last time we won 5 seats and this time we will defeat AIMIM in 10-12 seats in the old city, said KTR.

In his final comments, KTR sought the support of the people in the upcoming GHMC elections. “Support the TRS party and vote for TRS candidates for a continuous development,” he said.

KTR is addressing from atop a vehicle in a roadshow in Secunderabad constituency. Seen are TRS candidate and the MLA Padma Rao