BJP threatens to complain against SWREIS as its chief takes anti-Hindu pledge

SWAEROES chief Dr RS Praveen Kumar is seen taking a pledge at Bheem Diksha programme in Peddapalli - File Photo

The state BJP chief Bandi Sanjay threatened to complain to the Central government against the state-run Telangana Social Welfare Residential Educational Institutions Society popularly known as (SWREIS) for its what he termed anti-Hindu religious activity.


Referring to the recent controversy over the SWREIS chief Dr RS Praveen Kumar attending a Bheem Deeksha Programme held at Dulikatta Budhha stupa in Peddapalli district recently wherein he took a pledge along with others that he would not follow Hinduism as he would not believe in Hindu gods and would not follow Hindu rituals. The video went viral on social media inviting criticism from various quarters over his presence being a government officer.

Reports have also appeared that the local villagers upon knowing about the oath said to have cornered the organiser of the programme who later reported to have tendered an apology to the villagers.

Fuming at the presence of Dr Praveen in the programme, Bandi Sanjay accused the CM KCR of encouraging such kind of anti-Hindu activity by SWAREIS. He wanted to know where the SWAREIS is getting funds to organise such events and questioned the Intelligence department failure in this regard. He also declared that he would take the matter to the notice of the centre and accused Praveen of polluting the minds of children by infusing anti-Hindu hatred ness among them.

Although, Dr Praveen Kumar is seen in the video but is also seen not uttering the words being administered by the organiser. “Sir is not responsible for that pledge, without intimation one family member of that event read that lines unknowingly”, said one of his fans who doesn’t want to be identified.

Of late, Dr Praveen Kumar, who is known for his sincerity and uprightness has landed in few controversies earlier too. But being the head of a government educational institution, Dr Praveen attending such a programme and becoming part of the anti-Hindu religious activity may erode his image what he earned all these years.

However, MaaHyderabad efforts to reach him for his reaction turned futile