BJP too calls KCR ‘Drutharashtra’, condemns Ramana Dikshitulu’s statement

Former BJP MLA NVSS Prabhakar

The Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) city leader and former MLA NVS Prabhakar demanded a highlevel inquiry into the audio recording of the Minister for Labour Malla Reddy since he purportedly denied as the voice is not his.


Addressing media here at the party office in city today, Prabhakar alleged that the state is witnessing ‘Drutharashtra’ ruling under the leadership of KCR as he turned blind towards misdeeds of his ministers on one hand and spate of suicides by the enemployed youth on the other.

He alleged KCR is hanging in balance as to what to do amidst confusion over the involvement of fan following of his son ‘Prince KTR’ in the drug racket in Karnataka especially at a time when he is deeply engrossed in promoting him as his successor.

Further alleging that KTR’s associates have deeply involved in serious crimes such as drug trafficking, corruption, suicides, extortions, murders, mafia activities etc., on one side, Prabhakar alleged, while KCR on the other is turning blind at his successor’s deeds. KCR became so helpless that he cannot even take any action even against an ordinary MLA of his own party as they became omnipotent due to their involvement in every activity be it land grabbing, murder of an advocate couple, organising rave parties, sand smuggling etc. above all they are even involved in the illegal casting of vote in MLC elections.

He further alleged that liquor is flowing in the Nagarjuna Sagar byelection campaign every day for the last 15 days. “Still KCR is turning blind towards all these as he became ‘Drutharashtra’ in order to promote his son, Dhuyodhana (KTR) as his successor.


The BJP leader further reacting to the controversial remark of TTD priest Ramana Deekshitulu’s statement who equated CM Jaganmohan Reddy with Lord Venkateswara, called it absurd and condemned his remark stating that it would only lower his image.

‘No one will object to exhibiting his loyalty to CM YS Jagan but going to the extent of equating CM with Lord Venkateswara is uncalled for and a cheap trick to stoop down to such a level. It has hurt many devotees and BJP vehemently condemn it”, he said demanding an apology from Deekshitulu on his statement and said only after he tenders apology he would be allowed inside the temple.



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