BJP trying to disturb law and order in the city: KTR in a Road Show

Minister KT Rama Rao is addressing a gathering during a road show at Qutubullapur

TRS working president KT Rama Rao gave a clarion call to the denizens to vote for TRS “If you want peaceful Hyderabad”.


Conducting a Road Show campaign on the first day of GHMC elections campaign in Kukatpally and Qutubullapur constituencies today, said TRS government had dispelled the fears over the safety of people in Hyderabad 6 years ago and created a record of sorts by not registering even a single instance of any violent incident in any part of the city.

“We proved all of them wrong. We focused on addressing people’s needs and allayed their apprehensions through strict maintenance of law and order,” he said.

KTR criticized the BJP leaders who were out making funny poll promises. He stated that the BJP leaders were encouraging triple driving and giving false assurances that GHMC will pay the challans. He added that the same leaders were promising to give financial assistance of Rs 25,000 to flood-affected families. “These are the same leaders who disturbed the distribution of financial assistance of Rs 10,000 to the citizens and they are coming up with such promises to bluff people.”

KTR reminded people that it was TRS leaders who stood by them during the recent floods in Hyderabad.

The TRS government, he said, had ensured all-around development of the capital spending a massive Rs 67,000 crore over the last six years. He highlighted that the TRS government has taken up various development works including setting up of Basthi Dawakhanas, laying of roads, flyovers, bringing in SHE Teams for the safety of women, and so on.

He questioned the BJP leaders with what face they will go into public and ask for votes. “What work have they done for Hyderabad? The central government has not spent a penny on Hyderabad in past six years. Moreover, they are trying to disturb the law and order in the city,” he said.

Questioning BJP leaders, TRS Working President said, “They went to Bhagyalakshmi temple in the old city. Are there no other temples in Hyderabad? They want to create unnecessary disturbances between different sections and that is the reason they went to the old city.

“Today major global companies like Apple, Google, Facebook, and Amazon invested in Hyderabad because there are peace and harmony here. If this is disturbed, no company will come forward to invest here and our youth will lose job opportunities,” said KTR.

KTR stated that the BJP wants to divide people in the name of religion and create disturbances. “This is not Ahmadabad. This is Hyderabad and the people here are very wise,” he said, with a pun.

He sought their support in the upcoming GHMC elections. “We missed the century with one seat in previous elections. But this time we will hit a century,” he asserted and appealed to the people to bless TRS candidates and elect them as their corporators.