Bookcases against Lockdown violators: Ministers instruct officials


Ministers KT Ramarao, Etela Rajender and Srinivas Goud have directed the officials to bookcases against lockdown violators, especially in Containment zones.

They were holding a video conference with the Addl. Collectors, Municipal Commissioners of all Districts of Telangana State from GHMC Head office, here today. They asked the officials not to compromise at the strict implementation of lockdown. MAUD minister KT Rama Rao said that there are over 260 containment zones in the state out of which 146 falls within GHMC limits, the remaining fall in 43 municipalities across Telangana. 


Awareness should be created among people to follow the containment guidelines in order to avoid new positive cases. Sanitation, spraying of disinfectants and a survey to check fever should be executed with the utmost care, they said and asked Municipal commissioners and zonal commissioners to ensure the people living in containment zones stay indoors.

He also directed the officials that essentials including milk, vegetables and medicine should be delivered at their doorsteps.  The essentials should be delivered only by the volunteers. They asked them to provide with a separate dress code. The needs of the people should be noted by creating Whatsapp groups, people living in the containment zones will be the group members.

MAUD minister also directed that the sanitation and staffers spraying disinfectants should be equipped with safety gear and monitored by officials. The officials were directed by the minister to stock Sodium Hypolchorite solution in advance. To implement containment guidelines, health, police, water board it should coordinate among themselves said, minister.

To monitor the containment zones minster emphasized on 12 key points: 

(1)Proper barricading, (2)appointing officials from line departments, (3) appointing paramedical staff to conduct fever survey, (4)ensuring sanitation and spraying are strictly done, (5)delivery of essentials. (6) People should be informed about containment guidelines to be followed and arrangements made by the government through via public address system. (7)Distribution of pamphlets to households, (8) door to door inspection by medical teams and officials (9) senior officials monitoring the zones regularly are the key points rolled out by the minister. (10) Ensuring people don’t step out of their house and regulating their movements are the other key points. (11) Ambulances on standby in case of emergency (12) directed officials to ensure supply of rice.