Brahma Kumari’s Chief Dadi Janki on a 2-day visit in Hyderabad


The 102-year-old Chief of Brahma Kumaris Dadi Janki will be visiting Hyderabad from September 1st to 3rd to inaugurate a Versatile Service Facility to Specialised Groups called “Inner Space” at Shanti Sarovar in Gachibowli today as part of Golden Jubilee celebrations.

The octogenarian will also meet heads of different cross sections of the people in Hyderabad on the occasion and address a public meeting in the evening. She is considered the most powerful spiritual leader in the country. She acquired the extraordinary spiritual talents acquired through Rajyoga Meditation.

The Director of Shanti Sarovar, Brahma Kumaris, Gachibowli sister Kuldeep will receive the Brahma Kumaris head at Shanti Sarovar in the morning.