Bus conductor drowns to death after cops stop him from crossing a bridge

Karnataka RTC conductor drowns after cops stop him from crossing a bridge - Representational picture

It’s a sordid saga of a bus conductor in Karnataka who in a desperate bid to reach his wife and just born kid lost his life in lockdown after attempting to swim across a swirling river.

The incident occurred in Vijayapura village near Bengaluru on Thursday. According to the details available, the bus conductor Bommanagi Mallappa has been staying alone at his house as his wife went to his in-laws’ house for delivery. With the extension of lockdown, Mallappa has decided to bring home his wife and just-born kid and left for his in-law’s place.


Somehow, he could manage to return to his village back with his wife and kid. However, the fate willed otherwise, he was stopped by the cops just a kilometre away from his residence where they need to pass through a bridge across a river. After much persuasion, police allowed his wife and kid to pass through the bridge and he was stopped.

In a desperate bid to reach out to his family, Mallappa decided to swim across. He jumped and swam up to the middle of the river but could not reach others as the swirling waters swept him away. His body was found a few kilometres away down the stream.

Mallappa’s brother lodged a complaint with higher-ups blaming the cops for their high-handedness in not allowing him to cross the bridge along with his wife resulting in his death.

The incident evoked widespread resentment against the police for their rude behaviour and attitude towards Mallappa especially in this hour of crisis.