Cabinet clears pending amendments to acts, extends LRS deadline

Cabinet meeting - File Photo

The State Cabinet meeting was held here on Saturday at Pragathi Bhavan under the chairmanship of Chief Minister Sri K Chandrashekhar Rao. The State Cabinet has taken the following decisions:


The State Cabinet had dwelled at length on the Agriculture Sector. The state government, which is working for the Farmers welfare has taken an important decision. It was decided that, as was done earlier during the Corna Pandemic, to purchase paddy in the Villages. It was decided to purchase Paddy in the villages to ensure that farmers’ families are not faced with any problems.

  1. The State cabinet, which met under the chairmanship of CM KCR, has decided to purchase the Paddy in the villages keeping in view the past experiences. The Cabinet has also decided to set up 6000 Paddy Purchasing Centres and ensure that every grain of Paddy is purchased. It was also decided that the Paddy would be purchased for any number of days. There is no need for the Farmers to get anxious about the Paddy purchase. The State cabinet urged the farmers to sell their Paddy at the Village centres. The Cabinet also urged the farmers to ensure that the moisture percentage of the Paddy should not be more than 17 per cent and bring it to the Centres.
  2. The Cabinet has expressed its concern over the Maize not getting the MSP and the Centre’s policy decisions that played havoc to the Maize farmers. The State cabinet felt that that the Centre’s policy on Agriculture and its products are severely damaging the Agriculture sector. The Cabinet has also expressed its agony over the Maize not getting the MSP due to the wrong policies of the Centre. The Cabinet has expressed its shock and dismay over the way the Centre had allowed the import of Maize, reduced the import duty despite the fact that the country had enough reserve stocks of the Maize in the country. The State Cabinet also expressed its shock over the situation where the Telangana farmers who are cultivating the Maize as traditional crops are not getting the MSP and face all the adversaries. The Cabinet has urged the Corn growers to be careful following the adverse policies of the Centre and take a decision in the regard.

Amendments to the NALA Act

The Cabinet has approved the Amendments to be made to the New Revenue Act so that there would not be any human interference while converting Agriculture Land to the non-Agriculture category.

  • The Cabinet gave a green signal to the small amendments to be made to the Registration Act.
  • The Cabinet has also accepted the Amendment made to the GHMC Act of 1955 by making 50 per cent reservation to women in GHMC Council, functioning of the Ward Committees, Reservation of Wards.
  • The State Cabinet has also decided to extend the online registration of Properties till Oct 20.
  • The State Cabinet has also discussed on the Integrated Township Policy under the HMDA.