Cabinet to privatise 5,100 buses, RTC Employees asked to join duties by Nov 5

CM KCR - File photo

The state is also equally affected due to the economic slump which has affected our development index that has come down to 5 per cent from it’s early 21 per cent, said Chief Minister Chandrasekhar Rao.

Addressing a media conference after the marathon cabinet meeting, CM KCR said although the slow down is not negative still it is affecting every department especially the transport sector. However, there was some relief during festival season wherein we could have earned some earnings, he opined obviously referring to the RTC strike.

The cabinet has decided unanimously not to merge into the government as being demanded by the RTC employees unions who have no rationality. Hence, we have decided to give route permits to 5,100 buses this includes over 3000 buses which have almost near condemnation in addition to the already condemned buses of 2,000.

The strike has already been declared illegal by the Labour department. We have informed this to the court as well. “Once, the strike is declared illegal, the relation between employees and management have cut off”, so there is no question of discussion in this regard, he said.

He further said the decision has been taken in accordance with the new Transport Act amended by the Central government which has come into force from September 1, 2019. Hence, no one challenge this decision.

However, he said he wanted to be considerate towards employees who are 49,000 in numbers as they have their families. Since I am appealing not to be under the influence of the Trade Unions and join their duties on or before the midnight of November 5th so that their jobs will be secured. If they are willing, let them join otherwise they will suffer, he said adding that “we don’t hesitate to privatise the other 5,000 buses also if the need arises”.

He also said that these private carriers can not run the buses as per their whims and fancies by enhancing prices etc. They have to work under the supervision of the RTC management. A Regulatory Commission will be formed under the Transport Commissioner who will decide the price structure.