Cabinet Sub-Committee formed to Increase Green Cover: IK Reddy


The Minister for Forests & Environment Allola Indra Karan Reddy informed that the Chief Minister Chandrasekhar Rao recently formed a 5-minister committee to look into the ways and means to improve the green cover and forest protection etc.


Speaking after inaugurating the two-day Workshop of Forest Officers at Forest Academy, Dulapally today, the Minister said that the committee would be meeting very soon to chalk out a road map to achieve the task. He expressed happiness at the extended monsoon rains that really helped in the establishment of plantations. He also appreciated the tradition of holding such a workshop once in six-months so that officers can discuss various issues and together come up with practical solutions.

The Minister released the annual plan of operations for 2019-20 under CAMPA and said that approval is given for Rs.501.26 crore which is the largest in over the last ten years. He called upon the officers to utilize the fund effectively in view of the recent recruitment of over 67 Forest Range Officers, 90 section officers and 1857 Beat Officers and with a total strength of nearly 7,000 manpower. Budget for other important items of works would also be presented to the finance department again, he said.

He exhorted the officers to keep the goal as achieving 33% of green cover in the state. Responsibility of the forest officers is not only to raise good quality seedlings but covers the protection and survival of plants in an integrated manner. Three crores of Tall seedlings to be raised and plan for raising 100 crore seedlings for the coming year.

The Minister emphasized the need to give attention to forest protection. Additional resources like use of Drones, CC cameras, etc would be provided. Boundary trench work would be continued to permanently to mark forest boundaries and more than 2000 vehicles have been sanctioned for the department for effective protection. PD Act would be used wherever required to curb smuggling of forest produce.

The Special Chief Secretary Environment, Forest, Science & Technology Rajeshwar Tiwari highlighted that the government would provide all the support to the department. While recollecting the campaign run by Greta Thunberg for saving the planet Earth for future generations, Indrakaran reddy said protecting forest is essential for the existence of human life and assured to reconcile forest lands and their recordings in revenue records would be given top priority. 

The PCCF and Head of Forest Force Smt. R. Sobha assured that with all the support that the government has been extending, the department would try its best to reach the expectations.

The VC&MD TSFDC P. Raghuveer called for the active involvement of people in management of forests. He recalled recent example in Jangaon where Seetaphal was protected and the benefits were shared between the people and the forest department. The Director TS Forest Academy stressed that all the newly recruited FSOs and FBOs need to be trained in as much less time as possible and called upon the field officers to nominate officers as per schedule. 

APPCF CAMPA Lokesh Jayaswal made a brief presentation on the visit to Brazil where he participated in the International Union of Forest Research Organisations. He mentioned that there was great appreciation from various countries for the initiatives taken in Telangana for Greening. 

APCCF (Admn) Swargam Srinivas welcomed the delegates to the Workshop and called up everyone to participate actively. PCCF (Admn) Munindra, Circle Heads, DFOs and FDOs were among those 120 people attended the workshop.