Cannon Of 17th Century Found In Musi



Hyderabad, Jan.29 (Telemedia) : An historic Cannon belonging to 17th century was recovered by the east zone task force police team on Thursday from a residential area close to the Right bank of the Musi River. It was handed over to the Director of the Department of Archeology and Museums (DA&M) B.Srinivas today. The Cannon which was made of bronze (with alloy metals) ad measuring 6.0 ft in length with mouth 4” in diameter having highly extraordinary workmanship containing beautiful floral designs and other ornamentation. Though the patination is formed overall the Cannon is in good condition, the Director said. 

The cannon is belong to 17th -18th century A.D. The cannon is generally used in the war fares and as per historical records the Delhi Sultanates 1st time used in the early of 14th Century to attack the Kakatiyas of Warangal Fort in Telangana Area. Then it was used by the Bahamani Kingdom during the Vijayanagara Period. The Great Moghal emperor Babar with the help of these cannons who came from the Turkey easily defeated the Ibrahim Lodi in the 1st Panipat War in 1526 and captured the Delhi and established Moghal Rule. Further, the last Moghal Emperor Aurangzeb attacked Golconda and camped at Fateh Maidan in 1687 A.D and captured Golconda by defeating the Qutubshahi Ruler Abul Hasan Tanisha. These cannons were used by the rulers of Asaf Jahi Dynasty in this area up to the 20th Century A.D.