CARE Hospitals goes Pink to commemorate International Breast Cancer Awareness Month


CARE Hospitals in Hitech City was illuminated in hues of bright pink to mark the commencement of International Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Through this initiative, we want to encourage women to get screened for cancer as early detection can increase survival chances by as much as 90%. We also salute the spirit of those who have fought and those who continue to fight against cancer”, said Senior Cancer Surgeon at CARE Hospitals Hitech city Dr Juluri Srinivas.

Hospital Chief Operating Officer Mayur Dave said many of us are aware that the pink colour ribbon is an international symbol of breast cancer awareness. Every October, people all around the world sport the colour to support the breast cancer awareness month. It could be in the form of pink ribbons, pink lapel pins or by simply wearing the colour. To express its solidarity and commitment towards creating awareness, CARE Hospitals, Hi-Tech City, was lit up in pink through the first weekend of the Breast cancer awareness month.

Breast cancer continues to be one of the biggest killers amongst women in India today. While in western countries the survival rates of breast cancer have become progressively high, Indian survival rates are still woefully low. This is primarily due to lack of awareness and irregular screening amongst adult women. Through this initiative, Care Hospitals aims to spread awareness about early detection and wish to encourage women to undergo regular breast cancer screenings leading to them having better chances of survival against cancer.