Case against ‘Safalagist’ Lagadapati for making Fake Survey


A case of public cheating and deception was registered against the much-defamed politician-cum-psephologist, popularly known as ‘Andhra Octopus’ Lagadapati Rajagopal in West Godavari district of Andhra Pradesh on Saturday.

According to the information available, an advocate Murali Krishna has filed a complaint with the police for what he termed publishing a Fake Exit Poll Result that had forced several people to land in financial trouble in the state. It may be recalled that the ‘Safalagist’ sorry Psephologist Rajagopal’s fake survey predicted 30 seats hardly for the YSRCP and the sweep by TDp in the remaining seats. But it turned out to be another way around. TDP could secure hardly 25 and YSRCP could gain 150 in the recently concluded elections in Andhra Pradesh. 


This eroded the total image of 2-time MP Rajagopal. Subsequently, he went into oblivion soon after the election results were declared. He later released a press note announcing that he would not take up surveys anymore. He played a spoilsport during the presentation of the bill pertaining to the AP Reorganisation Act 2014  in Parliament in 2014. He used pepper spray in the house in an attempt to disrupt the proceedings.

Most of his surveys did not come true. But people continued to bet on the basis of his predictions. It is estimated over 100 of crores have been used in betting this time. Police, however, are investigating the case.