Centre ignored Telangana state: KTR


Minister for IT and Industries KT Rama Rao wanted the Central Government to realise the fact that whatever they are paying to the state governments are of ‘states’ own contribution towards central funds and not that of from their own pockets.

He was participating in a discussion on ‘Role of States in Building India’ at Times Now Summit India Action Plan 2020 in New Delhi today. Continuing his debate, Minister KTR said that the union government should stop feeling that they are allocating funds to the states from their own pockets. He highlighted that Telangana has contributed Rs 2.72.000 Crore to the union government, whereas the union has allocated only Rs 1.12.000 Crore to Telangana in the past five years.

He said India is a union of states. Stronger states mean a stronger nation. He asserted that if the Government of India is serious about ‘Team India’ or ‘cooperative federalism’, then they ought to be doing more in terms of devolution.

He further stated that federalism can’t just be about autonomy. It also has to be about fiscal devolution & only then India will prosper. He alleged the union government has ignored recommendations of NITI Aayog and never allocated funds to novel initiatives such as Mission Bhagiratha, Mission Kakatiya, and Kaleshwaram Life Irrigation Project.

The Union Government needs to be more liberal when it comes to economic reforms and Fiscal Responsibility and Budget Management, and only then the nation will develop at a faster pace, he opined.

Reacting to the Citizen Amendment Bill, KTR stated that the TRS has voted against the CAB in the parliament. “TRS party believes in unity in Diversity” he added.

Talking about regional parties and their role in Indian politics, KTR said, “The regional parties are growing strong as an alternative is building up. Neither BJP nor Congress are enemies to TRS but are mere political opponents as both of them has let down the country in the past.” he added.

Reflecting his thoughts about demonetization, KTR stated that TRS supported demonetization believing that it will do good to the nation. But today, TRS thinks supporting demonetization was not right.


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