Centre issues guidelines to non-Covid hospitals


In view of instances of hospitals getting closed as some healthcare workers became positive and some patients admitted for unrelated disease in non-COVID hospitals becoming positive, the Ministry of Health has issued guidelines to be followed on detection of such cases in a non-COVID Health Facility across the country.

The Hospitals Infection Control Committee is made responsible for monitoring such issues in the hospitals. The Committee shall ensure that the healthcare workers are oriented on infection prevention and control guidelines. Some of the guidelines to be followed are as follows:

  • Inform the local health authorities about the case and transfer the patient to be treated in isolation for COVID-19.
  • Such patients should be masked and only a dedicated healthcare worker should attend this case, following due precautions.
  • As per the clinical status, the patient shall be transferred to a dedicated COVID facility following standard precautions
  • The facility shall be disinfected.
  • All contact of this patient shall be quarantined and followed up for days
  • All close contacts shall be put on HCQ for a period of 7 weeks keeping in mind the contraindications of HCQ also.

The guidelines may be accessed at htttps://www.mohfw.gov.in/pdf/GuidelinestobefollowedondetectionofsuspectorconfirmedCOVID19case.pdf