Centre set to liberate Hindu temples from Political vultures: Swamy Paripoornananda

BJP leader Swamy Paripoornanda is addressing media on Tirumala declaration row at Press Club Hyderabad

The Modi government is working towards liberating Hindu temples from the clutches of political vultures soon, announced Swamy Paripoornanda of Bharatiya Janata Party.


“Prime Minister is working towards this and it will soon be a reality as these political bandicoots have posed a threat to the existence of our holy Hindu temples as they are using it for their personal gains”, alleged Swamy Paripoornanda during a media conference here at Press Club in Hyderabad today.

Paripoornanda referring to the controversy surrounding the CM YS Jaganmohan Reddy’s maiden tour to Tirupathi demanded that he should emulate former President late Abdul Kalam and give a declaration to enter Tirumala shrine so that people will adore you as a leader who reposed faith in Hinduism equally.

He came down heavily on the remarks made by the AP Minister Kesineni Nani alias Venkateswar Rao against the Hindu gods and demanded declaration from him as well. “He may be a Hindu but he spoke ill against our Gods. That is the reason why we are asking for a declaration”, he pointed out and retored Nani’s statement that Indira Gandhi has not given and YS Rajasekhar Reddy has not given etc., “They need not be their ideal figures. That’s why they ended up sadly. Your ideal figure should be Dr Abdul Kalam who humbly volunteered himself and gave declaration. See how peacefully he left the world. What is wrong in declaring your faith in Hindu gods”, he questioned.

Elaborating on the declaration row, Paripoornanda said that the system of giving a declaration of faith by a non-Hindus to enter the holy Tirumala temple was established not by Paripoornanda or somebody but by none other than Britishers himself. “That was the respect they used to have towards the Hindu god. But our political vultures today are looking from their own political point of view”, he said.

He also sought the appointment of YS Jaganmohan Reddy to enable him to present him the list of events that took place in the state during the last 15 days and advised Jagan and his Minister Nani not play with the Lord Venkateswara in their own interest.



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