Child sexual offender gets life imprisonment


In what can be called a speedy justice, the city court today sentenced a 39-year-old sexual offender to life imprisonment up to 20 years for assaulting a minor girl aged 5 years. The case was disposed within 6 months wherein a fine of Rs.10,000 was also imposed against the accused.


According to the details, the accused Sukrat Singh Uikey, a native of Madhya Pradesh working as labourer in Dhoolpet area committed the crime in October last.

The victim girl aged 5 year is residing along with her parents in a rented room adjoining the accused’s room. On October 7, 2020, the accused lured the girl into his room by offering her chocolate while she was playing with her brother infront of her house. He also gave his cell phone to victim’s brother for watching videos and taking the chance, accused sexually assaulted the victim girl.

After that accused send the victim girl & her brother from his room who later informed her mother who in turn lodged a complaint with the Mangalghat police. The accused who had been at large was arrested on October 9, 2020.

The Inspector of Police G Ranaveer Reddy has investigated the case under the supervision of ACP, Goshamahal Divn M.Narender Reddy.



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