CI, Head Constable arrested in mass suicide case in Nandyal

CI Somasekhar Reddy (Left) victim Salam and his family as appeared in a video message

Two policemen including a Station House Officer and a head constable of Nandyal police station were arrested by the Andhra Pradesh police today in connection with the mass suicide of family of Abdul Salam.


According to the details, the CI Somasekhar Reddy and head Constable Gangadhar were suspended last night following the recommendations of a high-level probe committed led by IGP Shankhabratha Bagchi and another IPS officer Arif Hafiz. They found that Salman’s family committed suicide because of the harassment meted out by the CI. Salman was interrogated by the CI on the suspicion of his role in the theft of Rs70,000 belonging to an auto passenger.

Feeling insulted and subsequent harassment, Salam along with his wife Noorjahan (38), 14-year-old daughter Salma and 10-year-old son Khalandhar committed mass suicide by jumping before a running goods train in Nandayal. The incident occurred on November 3 after which the video of the victim Salman holding the CI responsible for their death went viral on social media inviting wreath of the people prompting the police and the government machinery to react and launched a probe into the incident.

DGP Gautham Sawang ordered a high-level probe with 2 top IPS officers who found prima facie in CI’s role behind the mass suicides. They filed an FIR in the court today and produced the 2 policemen in the court.

Meanwhile, DGP warned the cops to be alert while discharging their duties and said ‘those found committed mistakes, however big he may be, will be punished’.