City court orders Press Club Hyderabad against giving new memberships


The City Civil Court on Friday issued interim orders staying the process of according new memberships to more than 400 people by the Press Club Hyderabad.


The orders came following a petition by senior club members Satish Kamal, Y Srinivas Reddy and Anand Vardhan opposing the Press Club Executive Committee decision to permit new memberships against the laid down regulations of the Press Club manual. They contended that the EC has decided to give away new memberships besides upgrading some ineligible associate members to regular members despite the recommendation of the elders’ committee to leave the matter to the next committee as the present committee has no legal standing to take any policy decision in the wake of expiry of its tenure.

The term of the present committee led by President Vijaya Kumar Reddy and Secretary Raj Mouli Chary has expired in May 2020. But the committee continued to function as regular without holding elections owing to the Covid regulations and some of its decisions taken in this period landed in controversy.



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