CM suggests Corn holiday as it may not get MSP

CM KCR is seen reviewing the regulatory farming policy at Pragati Bhavan today

The CM has once again reiterated that awareness among the farmers should be created by the officials that Corn may not get Rs 800 to Rs 900 per Quintal MSP. And hence farmers who are ready to sell their Corn for this MSP should only go in for the cultivation of corn.


Speaking on the occasion, the CM said,” Agriculture in Telangana is developing on a fast note. Hence all the departments and institutions connected to the farm sector should work in coordination. Farmers in the State are getting used to the Regulatory Farming Methods as suggested by the government. It is the responsibility of the agriculture department to educate farmers, from time to time, on what crops they should cultivate and how to get more yield. The agriculture department should also prepare plans and guide the farmers on what marketing methods they should follow to get higher rates,” the CM explained.

“There is no proper MSP for the Corn. With the Centre dumping lakhs of tonnes of Corn through imports and by reducing the import duty and the availability of corn in other states for a very low price, cultivating Corn in our state is meaningless. And the responsibility of carrying this information to farmers is also with the agriculture officials,” the CM said.

“Don’t be hesitant but make it clear that Corn will not get any MSP. If you don’t give the right information, farmers may cultivate the Maize and may incur losses. Not only in the rainy season, even in summer season Corn may not get the MSP. Make it clear to them that they will get only Rs 800 to Rs 900 per quintal as MSP. Even after this, if farmers decided to cultivate the Maize, leave it them,” the CM said.