CM to hold a review meeting with Collectors and Ministers on Jan 11

CM KCR at a Collectors meeting in Pragati Bhavan - File Photo

Chief Minister Chandrashekhar Rao will be convening a meeting with all the ministers and district Collectors on January 11 at Pragathi Bhavan to discuss several important issues of Revenue, Panchayat Raj, Medical and Health, Municipal, Education, Forestry and other departments and take decisions.


As far as Revenue department matters are concerned, the Chief Minister held a meeting recently at Pragathi Bhavan with senior officials and some Collectors. In the meeting, some matters to be resolved were mentioned. On the Jan 11 meeting, these revenue matters would be discussed at length. Pending Mutations, Sada Bainamas regularisation, setting up of the Tribunals, solving the matters included under Part-B and other related issues would be discussed at the meeting which will also finalise the action plan to solve all the revenue issues speedily.

The meeting will also discuss the spread of Coronavirus and measures taken to contain it’s spread. Administering of the Corona vaccine to the people will also be discussed at the proposed meeting. An action plan will be finalised at the meeting on distributing the vaccine to all the regions and administering the Vaccine to the people on a prioritised method.

The meeting will further review the implementation of Palle Pragathi and Pattana Pragathi programmes. The meeting will discuss whether the funds are being given on time? How is their utilisation? and other such issues. A review will also be done on the progress of works under Palle Pragathi and Pattana Pragathi programmes.

The implementation of the Haritha Haram programme aimed at increasing the green cover in the State will also be reviewed. Discussion will also take place on the measures taken to increase the green cover in the villages and urban areas and the programmes to be taken up in future.

The CM will also discuss when to reopen the classes in the educational institutions in the State. From which Standard, the classes should begin? How to manage the classes? What is the method followed in other states? And other such related issues would be discussed threadbare and a decision will be taken.

The CM has instructed the Collectors to come to the meeting with complete information and data for the proposed meeting on January 11.



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