CM to review Regulatory Farm Policy methods on Saturday


Chief Minister Chandrashekhar Rao will hold a review meeting with Agriculture and Civil Supplies Departments’ officials at Pragathi Bhavan on Saturday on the Regulatory Farm Policy Methods to be implemented during the summer season and purchase of agriculture produce in the villages itself.


In this meeting, Agriculture, Civil Supplies Ministers, senior officials will participate. What crops should be cultivated in the summer season? What crops should not be cultivated? Which crop will get more profits? And which crop would incur losses and other issues would be reviewed at the meeting.

“The Centre is importing Corn on a largescale and this will have an adverse impact on the Corn grown within the country. Against this backdrop, a decision should be taken on the cultivation of Corn in the State. There will be a detailed discussion on the matter at the Saturday meeting,” the CM said.

The CM has decided to set up purchase centres in the villages for the safety of farmers amidst the Corona Pandemic. The CM will review the setting up purchase centres in the villages.

“Due to the Corona Virus spread, the purchase centre has been set up in the villages and the agriculture produce was purchased last summer. We have not yet got over the Corona threat. Hence, the Rainy season agriculture produce should also be purchased in the villages by setting up the purchase centres. Set up 6000 Purchase centres so that farmers will have no problems in selling their agriculture produce. Make all the arrangments in this regard from the government side. After buying the agriculture produce, ensure that the farmers get their money as early as possible,” the CM said and instructed the officials to make all the necessary arrangments in this regard.



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